March 17, 2013

To Cruise or not to Cruise

It appears the question of the day is “Is cruising safe?”  In my book, absolutely!  Can accidents happen?  Can people die? Can the 49ers lose on the 4th down in the 4th Quarter in the Super Bowl?  Of course!  The risks of fire and mechanical failure cannot be eliminated.
The days of 24/7 news broadcasts have made normal occurrences seem like major disasters.  I tried to look up the number of cruise ships sailing during any one week in the year,
but I cannot find that statistic.  But let’s just say, there are many in the US and in Europe.  The cruise disasters on the news represent only a fraction of a percent of cruises.  News broadcasts of cruise safety failures create a distortion. 

The Coast Guard's Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise's Chief, Cmdr. Buddy Reams, says, "Cruise lines are operating on a weekly basis, they're always at sea and there's a very, very, very low frequency of these incidents happening."

With an average of 10 million Americans enjoying cruising every year, I wouldn't think twice about going on a cruise and neither should you!  Cruising is still one of the safest and most convenient way to travel. 

What’s hot in our office is our Country Cruise in January, 2014!  [Update: the 2014 cruise was so successful we're planning another for 2015. Visit Country Cruising's website to sign up for details.] We are featuring Trace Adkins who in the first week of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” made $670,000 for the Red Cross!!  You go Trace!  And in case you think January 12, 2014 is a long way off, in cruise terms, it is not!  We are nearly sold out and I would hate for you to miss this amazing event/vacation!! And the sooner you book, the better the payment schedule is!  Check us out on Facebook. Oh, and did I mention that you can win an all-paid cruise aboard Country Cruising 2014 and see Trace Adkins live!!  To win, complete online tasks at related to either Trace’s new album “Love Will”, his appearances on NBC’s All-Star Celebrity   The Apprentice and his role as an American RedCross spokesman.
And if that isn’t enough, Wynonna will be on “Dancing with the Stars”  - the season premier is Monday March 18th -....TONIGHT!  Tune in to support her and her better dance half Tony Dovolani.  Judd, 48, and Dovolani will open "DWTS" season 16 with a spicy, hip shaking cha cha cha. 
Hope to see you on one of our fantastic theme cruises - Dave Koz Cruise, Wine Dine and Music Cruise or Country Cruising.  Check them out! 
And do not be afraid of cruising!!  There is a far better chance that you will hurt yourself pulling weeds in the garden now that Spring has arrived!! 

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