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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rock 'n Roll Legends on the Wine, Dine and Music Cruise Oct. 25-30, 2014

I remember listening to America's hit songs, "I Need You", "Ventura Highway" and "Sister Golden Hair" when they first came out. I coveted my brother's Santana album. My friends and I talked about the concerts we'd go to when Journey, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd or Steppenwolf came to town. After school we would listen to their music for hours. Remember when we had the time?!

Ask 100 people who World Classic Rockers are and maybe one of them will recognize the name. WCR is known as World's Greatest Rock and Roll All-Star Band and features former members of rock super-groups: Aynsley Dunbar (Journey), Michael Monarch and Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf), Fran Cosmo (Boston), Greg Walker (Santana) and Randall Hall (Lynyrd Skynyd). For the past 17 years WCR has toured the world bringing audiences to their feet with electrifying performances of legendary hits such as "Born to be Wild", "Separate Ways", "More Than a Feeling", "Black Magic Woman", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Anyway You Want It", "Peace of Mind", "Evil Ways", "Free Bird" and many more. But guess what?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to enjoy food & wine and not gain weight during the cruise.

The first time I went on a food and wine cruise I was concerned about how to enjoy the food and wine but not gain weight. Everyone said the food on this wine cruise was AMAZING and they were right. The free style dining (eat when you want, no set meal times) always offered a large variety of different cuisines from Mediterranean to Italian to Asian to burgers and lots of other choices. In addition there was always a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and an assortment of salads. This was all part of this all-inclusive cruise.  The first day on the cruise I skipped desserts, but they were so yummy looking that I gave up the idea of abstaining by the second day. So, from then on I tasted almost all the different cuisines AND had dessert(s!) along with the delicious wines.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Booking now: WINE, DINE & MUSIC CRUISE Sailing Oct 25-30, 2014

FIVE nights of wine, music, food & fun! 
FOUR performance venues
THREE Sommeliers 
TWO Wine Country Chefs
ONE great vacation!

Top 5 reasons to book your Wine, Dine and Music Cruise:

 1) Wine delivered to your cabin nightly
 2) Not your typical Cruise!
 3) Great Value! Prices starting at $699 per person!!!
 4) Expand your food and wine pallette and
 5) Access to the musicians. Last year, World Classic Rockers blew the pool deck up with their repertoire of original hits from Boston, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana and Steppenwolf. They are coming back!!

Book today by calling 800-248-7471

Sunday, March 17, 2013

To Cruise or not to Cruise

It appears the question of the day is “Is cruising safe?”  In my book, absolutely!  Can accidents happen?  Can people die? Can the 49ers lose on the 4th down in the 4th Quarter in the Super Bowl?  Of course!  The risks of fire and mechanical failure cannot be eliminated.
The days of 24/7 news broadcasts have made normal occurrences seem like major disasters.  I tried to look up the number of cruise ships sailing during any one week in the year, but I cannot find that statistic.  But let’s just say, there are many in the US and in Europe.  The cruise disasters on the news represent only a fraction of a percent of cruises.  News broadcasts of cruise safety failures create a distortion. 


The Coast Guard's Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise's Chief, Cmdr. Buddy Reams, says, "Cruise lines are operating on a weekly basis, they're always at sea and there's a very, very, very low frequency of these incidents happening."

With an average of 10 million Americans enjoying cruising every year, I wouldnt think twice about going on a cruise and neither should you!  Cruising is still one of the safest and most convenient way to travel. 

What’s hot in our office is our Country Cruise in January, 2014!  We are featuring Trace Adkins who in the first week of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” made $670,000 for the Red Cross!!  You go Trace!  And in case you think January 12, 2014 is a long way off, in cruise terms, it is not!  We are nearly sold out and I would hate for you to miss this amazing event/vacation!! And the sooner you book, the better the payment schedule is!  Check us out on Facebook. Oh, and did I mention that you can win an all-paid cruise aboard Country Cruising 2014 and see Trace Adkins live!!  To win, complete online tasks at related to either Trace’s new album “Love Will”, his appearances on NBC’s All-Star Celebrity   The Apprentice and his role as an American RedCross spokesman.

And if that isn’t enough, Wynonna will be on “Dancing with the Stars”  - the season premier is Monday March 18th -....TONIGHT!  Tune in to support her and her better dance half Tony Dovolani.  Judd, 48, and Dovolani will open "DWTS" season 16 with a spicy, hip shaking cha cha cha. 

Hope to see you on one of our fantastic theme cruises - Dave Koz Cruise, Wine Dine and Music Cruise or Country Cruising.  Check them out! 
And do not be afraid of cruising!!  There is a far better chance that you will hurt yourself pulling weeds in the garden now that Spring has arrived!! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013

It seems like just yesterday that I committed to keeping up with this blog - LOL!  So much for that!  2012 was an amazing year.  For many it was scary financially, politically, socially and economically.  I guess that covers just about everyone!  One of the things that I learned is about re-inventing oneself.  Whatever I was resting my laurels on seems to have shifted considerably and it became time to take an overall view of my work and my self. 

Beginning with work, our focus has shifted fully to full ship Theme Charters.  We were very successful with the first-ever European jazz cruise with Dave Koz ( and it was a complete sell-out!  There simply is no one better than Dave Koz - musically, as a person, as a friend and as an entertainer!  I do not believe that he sleeps more than four hours per night on his cruise.  He makes sure that EVERY thing is perfect!!!  And his fans just love him and love his cruise!! 

We were only beginning the process of the Blake Shelton Cruise
when I last wrote in this blog.  To say the least, it was a huge success!  Blake only stayed on for 2 days because of his busy work schedule, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the fans on board.  It truly is hard to describe how amazing each day was on this cruise!!  Neal McCoy was probably the biggest hit of them all!!  So much in fact that we could hardly wait to sign him up again! (  And Trace Adkins was, hmmm, let's just say the ladies really love him, sexy man that he is!  So he is our new headliner for 2014.  With Montgomery Gentry, Wynonna, Love and Theft, Craig Morgan, Lonestar and 19 other acts, Country Cruising 2014 stands to still be The BEST Country Cruise Ever!!!

We also have taken pieces from all of our cruises and created the (  Featuring 7 Northern California wine country wineries (each night you will get a bottle of wine delivered to your cabin from one of these wineries!), 2 re-nowned chefs and 7 musical artists including Kenny Loggins, Three Dog Night, Don Felder -formerly of the Eagles, World Classic Rockers with former members of rock super-groups, Aynsley Dunbar (Journey), Michael Monarch & Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf), Fran Cosmo (Boston), Greg Walker (Santana), Randall Hall (Lynyrd Skynyrd), flutist Nestor Torres, duo Brandon and Leah and a number of other entertainers, this cruise is shaping up to be an amazing event!

We still are doing about 6 wine club cruises - & just to name two.  These are very intimate and generally sail in Europe.  With wine with dinner, wine seminars and tastings and exclusive shore excursions, these are really enjoyed by the clients and we have seen a lot of repeat customers.  You can check out the list at

And moi, what have I been overhauling in my life?  I am finally taking care of me as well as I do my business.  I am showing up for myself and not feeling like I am selfish or self-centered for doing so -sound familiar?  It seems that those of us of a certain age were taught that we had to work and work harder, be selfless and give even more.  Finally, I can say that I work enough and I give exactly the right amount!!

I read a book on Jefferson by Meacham - not my usual taste - and came to see that America, for all her growth, is still working on the same issues, on some level, as we were 200 years ago.  I guess that I was sort of surprised (oh well, the last history lesson I had was in 1969!).  I think that as Americans we are beyond repeating ourselves - another LOL!  So here is what I want to remind you, there is nothing new under the sun, it has all been done before.  Let go and enjoy your life!  You cannot make any mistakes.  Everything is about learning.  And then loving. 

For me, it is all about travel.  Even if it is just up the coast to a small town for a coffee overlooking the Pacific.  All personal growth opportunies count  towards a more fulfilling and wondrous life!!  Happy New Year and keep on truckin!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Solstice

Another year has been nearly marked off the calender. Amazing how much travel you can do in 365 days! Started out in playing a bit of golf in Palm Springs and ended escorting a Comedy cruise in the Caribbean.

We have really changed the nature of our business over the past few years and now offer Theme Cruises. Whether you like wine, comedy, jazz, country music or traveling with your hometown buddies, we have got it covered. Why are we doing these groups? Because we have always felt that people like traveling with other people who like doing what they are doing. Take our Dave Koz Jazz cruise. Imagine over 2000 people sailing to Alaska listening to their favorite jazz artists - Dave Koz, Keiku Matsui, Peter White, Chris Botti and more - while viewing the magnificent Inside Passage!! The cruise was simply a 10! My business partner calls Dave "PT Barnum with a saxophone" - wherever Dave is going, his fans are going with him. And for a good reason! The production was over the top. The entertainers were engaging and fantastic. Alaska was at her best! You get the picture.

Wine cruises speak for themselves. I have learned that wine club members belong to at least 4 wine clubs. So when we approached our winery partners, we knew we were offering them something that not all wine clubs could or would. We asked them, how would you like to travel to Europe and every night serve your wine with dinner? And offer an exclusive shore excursion? And a wine
tasting event and a wine pairing dinner? And of course, either the owner or the winemaker will be escorting the trip! These have been a great way to vacation for the 'wineys"! And of course, don't forget the food!!

We have the Lewis Black Comedy cruise, Dave Koz and Friends Jazz cruise 2012 and 2013, Blake Shelton country cruise and we are working on a few others. Our wineries are Ferrari-Carano, J Lohr, Papapietro-Perry, Dutcher Crossing and Glen Lyon just to name a few.

As 2012 is just around the corner, I want to encourage you to travel. Get off the couch. Get out of your own zip code. These days we need to learn how much we are alike in our own unique ways and not let the tv or the internet or the guy down the street be all of the continuing education that we get! Go out and experience a lion mating in the Serengetti or the lights of Paris standing on the Champes de Elysee and so much more. You owe it to yourself! Happy holidays to all of you reading this and may 2012 finally bring about the change we are all hoping for!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 2010

WOW! This year has moved at the speed of light! I can't believe that we are in the 2nd week of April already. OK, so what have you planned for your holiday? January through May is the busiest time for booking travel and if you are sitting around wondering where you are going on your vacation this year, you need to get up off the couch and give us a call. There are still many deals available, but as always, it is the airfare that you need to be aware of. With airlines going out of business or moving out of airports, there is not as much lift as there once was.

One of my favorite cities is San Francisco. And with hotel bookings down by nearly 20%, there are many deals to be had. How about staying at the HOTEL VITALE and then catching "WICKED" at the Orpheum Theater! Then there is New York City. We have been finding fantastic pricing on the hotels there. My favorite, Milennium Broadway, has great pricing right now for summer. Dine across the street at Virgil's and then take a walk down Broadway. We have packages for New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle and so many other great US cities. And don't forget DISNEY!

Where have I been so far this year -- Palm Springs! How I love the weather there in the Spring. We golfed at Tahquitz Canyon Golf Club. You can make your tee times online and never have to pay full price if you can wait to make your reservation closer to the day you want to play. If you want great golf and inexpensive prices with 100's of golf courses, Orlando, Florida is the place for you!

We also escorted a group to Mexico aboard the ROYAL CARIBBEANS 'Mariner of the Seas' and discovered we really like RCCL! If you have never cruised, then the Mexico cruise is a great way to get your feet wet :>) My still favorite restaurant -- Johnny Rockets! You can have burgers cooked to order, real milkshakes, french fries and onion rings and dessert all for just $4.95 pp -- what a deal! OK, so it is artery-clogging, heart-stoPping food, but it is worth it!

If cruising is your thing, check out my other website We also escort a number of groups tht anyone can join. You can find information about our music, comedy, radio and food and wine cruises HERE. Check out our JAZZ cruise or our Villa in Tuscany Food and Wine Experience. If you love comedy, the Lewis Black Comedy Cruise is perfect for you!

We want to talk with you, so call 800-248-7471. Remember, no one likes a know-it-all. Until it comes time to book a vacation!