December 22, 2011

2011 Solstice

Another year has been nearly marked off the calender. Amazing how much travel you can do in 365 days! Started out in playing a bit of golf in Palm Springs and ended escorting a Comedy cruise in the Caribbean.

We have really changed the nature of our business over the past few years and now offer Theme Cruises. Whether you like wine, comedy, jazz, country music or traveling with your hometown buddies, we have got it covered. Why are we doing these groups? Because we have always felt that people like traveling with other people who like doing what they are doing. Take our Dave Koz Jazz cruise. Imagine over 2000 people sailing to Alaska listening to their favorite jazz artists - Dave Koz, Keiku Matsui, Peter White, Chris Botti and more - while viewing the magnificent Inside Passage!! The cruise was simply a 10! My business partner calls Dave "PT Barnum with a saxophone" - wherever Dave is going, his fans are going with him. And for a good reason! The production was over the top. The entertainers were engaging and fantastic. Alaska was at her best! You get the picture.

Wine cruises speak for themselves. I have learned that wine club members belong to at least 4 wine clubs. So when we approached our winery partners, we knew we were offering them something that not all wine clubs could or would. We asked them, how would you like to travel to Europe and every night serve your wine with dinner? And offer an exclusive shore excursion? And a wine
tasting event and a wine pairing dinner? And of course, either the owner or the winemaker will be escorting the trip! These have been a great way to vacation for the 'wineys"! And of course, don't forget the food!!

We have the Lewis Black Comedy cruise, Dave Koz and Friends Jazz cruise 2012 and 2013, Blake Shelton country cruise and we are working on a few others. Our wineries are Ferrari-Carano, J Lohr, Papapietro-Perry, Dutcher Crossing and Glen Lyon just to name a few.

As 2012 is just around the corner, I want to encourage you to travel. Get off the couch. Get out of your own zip code. These days we need to learn how much we are alike in our own unique ways and not let the tv or the internet or the guy down the street be all of the continuing education that we get! Go out and experience a lion mating in the Serengetti or the lights of Paris standing on the Champes de Elysee and so much more. You owe it to yourself! Happy holidays to all of you reading this and may 2012 finally bring about the change we are all hoping for!

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