April 3, 2015

Country Music and Cruising in the Caribbean – in October!

Country music and cruising in the Caribbean – in October! It does not get much better than that! 30 plus entertainers and their bands – 7 unforgettable nights! This means over 100 performances! 

Ask anyone that has gone on Country Cruising and they will tell you: “Pretty Awesome!”; “Unforgettable!”; “Phenomenal!”; “There’s not a minute you are not going to have fun!”; “There’s non-stop entertainment!”; “You just can’t get enough – there is just so much music!” – watch our video and hear for yourself:  http://www.countrycruising.com/faqs.html 

Sign up with your friends and family and share in the most awesome country music festival at sea! The sooner you sign up, the easier it is to take advantage of our payment plan. 

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