March 30, 2014

How to enjoy food & wine and not gain weight during the cruise.

The first time I went on a food and wine cruise I was concerned about how to enjoy the food and wine but not gain weight. Everyone said the food on this wine cruise was AMAZING and they were right. The free style dining (eat when you want, no set meal times) always offered a large variety of different cuisines from Mediterranean to Italian to
Asian to burgers and lots of other choices. In addition there was always a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and an assortment of salads. This was all part of this all-inclusive cruise.  The first day on the cruise I skipped desserts, but they were so yummy looking that I gave up the idea of abstaining by the second day. So, from then on I tasted almost all the different cuisines AND had dessert(s!) along with the delicious wines.

Now here's the part that worked for me: Every morning I'd do a few laps around the ship (fast walk) or play a little tennis or basketball on the sports court, or work out in the exercise room for just 20 -30 minutes.  On excursion days I figured I'd get some walking in so I skipped the work out on the ship. Also, I used the stairs all week (well, mostly) rather than use the elevators (it's faster and no waiting). Other ideas: dancing on the pool deck (oh yeah, I did that too - bonus!) or on the

dance floor in the lounges while listening to the live performances; bowling (yep, the Norwegian Cruise Line Pearl has a bowling alley!); rock climbing (there's a rock climbing wall on the ship); basketball and volleyball on the sports court and swimming. When I returned home I was pleased that I got to have so much fun and got to indulge in the gourmet food and delicious wines and not gain weight. Next cruise it's MORE DANCING for me 'cause it's more fun than the treadmill!

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